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Shannon G

Workplace Injuries – WorkCover Claims
Ocean Grove

“I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to the beautiful Ann Cunningham. Having a back injury is...... how do I say this without swearing debilitating. Then to have surgery & put in all the work to keep it functioning & build strength, only for it flare up again, is frustrating & really takes a toll on your mental health.  And if anyone has ever had to deal with workcover, you'd understand that the thought of doing this again too- the countless emails, hoops to jump through, paperwork,  appointments..... when all you want to do is focus on getting your health back on track, also adds to that mental toll. One phone call to Ann & I feel like a weight has been lifted. She has my back (no pun intended). She's fought for me the entire way through & I'll be forever grateful for her professionalism & caring attitude.

Thank you Ann. I'm hopeful this is just a small hiccup on my way to recovery. But having you in my corner means so much. If anyone needs advice around workplace injuries, I highly recommend you contact Ann”

Marie Xerri

Workplace Injuries – WorkCover Claims

“There are no words to express my gratitude and thanks to Ann Cunningham. My WorkCover claim began in August 2018. From the moment I first spoke with Ann, utilising her expertise and experience, she was adamant that my claim was valid and clear cut, despite the advice I received from a large Geelong Law firm who specialised in this area. Their advice was - you don’t have a claim, it’s not worth fighting and you’ll end up paying up to $50,000 in costs. Wow!! Devastating!! Through the 2.5 years of fighting the system, Ann was always professional, knowledgeable, supportive, caring, committed and compassionate.

In the many ups and downs I experienced, Ann was always available to respond, soothe and offer a sympathetic ear to get me through. Finally, in late December 2020, I won my fight with a Judgment handed down at the Magistrates Court.I was awarded past, present and future weekly payments, superannuation, interest and medical and like expenses.

Ann’s ongoing support with ensuring all relevant payments were being made, were over and above my expectations. I now have gratitude that a large Geelong firm rejected me. I do not believe I would have had half of the service or outcome I received from Ann, had I gone through them. Avoid the big guns at all cost!! Don’t be fooled by their enormous advertising budgets, emotions and pain are real.

If you’re looking for resolution with a personal touch, advice in plain English, no time wasting or horrendous bills, professionalism, respect, compassion and someone who never gives up on you, I would highly recommend Ann.”‍

Bryce M

Transport Accident Claims – TAC Claims

“I want to thank you so much for guiding me through two challenging matters recently. The result you achieved in my personal injury claim greatly exceeded my expectations and I am grateful for your support through that process. When I suddenly faced an industrial relations issue shortly after, your independent advice was exactly what I needed as I grappled with my options around redundancy. Thank you for going above and beyond in acting in my best interest.”

Antony B

Workplace Injuries – WorkCover Claims

Ann Cunningham, what an amazing woman.

I was injured in a workplace accident and was referred to Ann by a mate. The process for my injury claim, became long winded and drawn out by the insurance company over 2 years. During this time Ann was very forth coming in the process and kept me well informed of all the requirements and appointments the insurer asked for. Never was there a delay or non-communication, or honesty with Ann (even when she had time off). I could not have asked for anything more. I can’t give Ann enough praise for service, dedication, and her honesty. I thank her sincerely.

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