Quad Bikes – Rollover Protection to reduce risk of Death and Serious Injury

October 12, 2021

Transport Accident Claims – TAC Claims

Having represented a number of self-employed farmers and farm workers injured riding quad bikes I was pleased to see the final safety standard come into operation this week. As of 11 October 2021 quad bikes in Australia must meet a minimum level of stability and come with an Operator Protections Device (OPD) more commonly referred as a rollover protection device.

Quad bike accidents have been the leading cause of death and injury on Australian farms with at least 281 quad bike related deaths since 2001. This is why safety experts have advocated for these mandatory safety standards.

According to Safe Work Australia as at 30 September there had been 6 fatalities on Australian farms this year. The estimated number of hospitalisations due to quad bike injuries in Australia have ranged from 650 to 1400 during that period.

Victoria’s occupational health and safety legislation requires employers and self-employed persons to eliminate and reduce the risks associated with the use of quad bike as far as reasonably practicable.

The Worksafe website lists some ways to reduce risks including:-

• Choosing the right vehicle for the job- consider a ute or side by side vehicle which are fitted with seatbelts

• Ensure operators wear helmets

• Service and maintain quad bikes, including regularly checking tyre pressure

• Check the quad bikes capacity before carrying or towing loads

• Train quad bike operators and review their competency

• Never allow children under 16 years of age to ride adult-sized quad bikes

See the Worksafe website for more information reducing the risks of quad bike injuries.

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