Noisy Workplaces cause Hearing Loss

June 10, 2021

Workplace Injuries – WorkCover Claims

Noisy Workplaces Cause Hearing Loss

Industrial deafness is hearing loss that occurs over time due to working in a noisy environment. 

If someone suffers hearing loss due to working in a workplace which is noisy, then they may be able to obtain funding for hearing aids. If they have suffered hearing loss which meets the permanent impairment threshold of 10%, then they will be entitled to lump sum compensation.

Currently a 10% impairment equals just over $20,000. So, if you are suffering from hearing loss this is worth investigating.

Often people have worked in several noisy workplaces. The law recognises that it is too difficult to work out what damage was done at which employer so hearing loss claims are made against the last noisy employer. Importantly, in awarding this compensation you do not need to prove fault against your employer. This means even if you have suffered injury due to your failure to wear provided safety equipment you can still claim this lump sum if you have suffered a permanent hearing loss.

There are also instances where hearing loss is due to a particular incident rather than occurring gradually over time, such as an explosion at your worksite. You can also claim for hearing loss when this occurs.

If your hearing loss is serious and occurs in circumstances where the employer could have prevented your hearing loss with the provision of safety gear or with improvements to the work environment, you may also have a common law claim. If you meet the serious injury threshold you will be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering your hearing loss causes you.

Often hearing loss is something people put up with for a long time before recognising that they have an issue. If your spouse is always complaining about not being heard, if you are finding you have to repeat yourself, or if others in your household are complaining that the TV and radio are too loud, you should consider getting your hearing tested. When you get your hearing tested specifically ask your audiologist if they believe your hearing loss is work related. You should also meet with us to discuss getting your hearing assessed for WorkCover purposes so that you can claim your medical expenses (for instance, hearing aids) and/or pursue lump sum compensation.


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